The Electric Office Gaming Chair - A new kind of vehicle​​​​​​​

We at Volkswagen of Duluth are happy to announce that Volkswagen has unveiled its newest EV concept.  This diminutive vehicle completely discards the exterior styling of previous VW EVs or any previous VW models.  Actually, it disregards exterior styling entirely.  It is also a single-seat vehicle which is, in effect, a pretty literal description, because what VW has built is a very well-equipped EV office chair.


Filled with Features


While the chair’s estimated range of 7.5 miles may seem short by modern EV standards its designers feel confident that such range should be sufficient for a week’s worth of travel in the average office place.  Its top speed of 12.4 mph is also considered sufficient if not perhaps, excessive for the office environment.  But VW didn’t just motorize some casters and call it a day.  The chair is equipped with several practical features for the office worker on the move such as:

  • LED exterior lighting
  • Touchscreen-operated infotainment system
  • Heated seat
  • USB charge
  • 360 sensor system to maneuver around tight spaces
  • 3-point seatbelt
  • And perhaps most importantly in a bustling workplace, a horn.


Hands-Free Operation


The presently unnamed chair (VW obviously feels they have this market to their self) enables its user to keep working while in motion by rejecting a steering wheel in favor of a two foot-pedal system for forward, reverse, and steering operation.  The vehicle is only two-wheel drive (out of an available five) so off-floor operation is not recommended.  The concept isn’t completely without utility however; as it boasts a 0.176 cubic foot cargo area and a trailer hitch.  Maximum towing capacity has not been announced.


Presently Not Aimed at the US


Production plans have not been announced, but they have already deemed the vehicle too small for the US market.  Or any market for that matter.  In truth, the chair was developed by Volkswagen’s Volkswagen Norway's Commercial Vehicles department as a fun exhibition piece to showcase features found in their commercial trucks.  To that end, the chair will be making the rounds to Volkswagen dealerships but only in Norway.  Consequently, there will be no opportunities for a test drive here at Volkswagen of Duluth\.  That is a shame, but one thing is clear, the company that once told us all to “Think Small” has really outdone itself.