Supporting Our Customers Through Delays and Shortages

Volkswagen Factory in Dresden

While chip and parts shortages continue to affect the auto industry, everyone has learned to adapt. That includes us here at Volkswagen of Duluth as well as our valued customers. As we continue to face these delays and shortages, our entire staff remains dedicated to our customers and serving you the bet way we know how: by listening and keeping you informed.

What’s Causing Delays?

You’ve probably noticed that there are fewer new vehicles available, and those that are available may have features with limited or late availability. In addition to waiting on new vehicles, many customers have been faced with long wait times for parts, which is causing delays in repairs. Starting at the beginning of the pandemic, supply shortages caused chip manufacturing to come to a halt. Since things have started to return to normal, manufacturers are scrambling to catch up, with many of their chips dedicated to filling other backlogs of production. However, things are looking up. Suppliers, manufacturers, and shipping companies have been working hard to fulfill their obligations so they can start on new vehicle production. There are initiatives to boost production domestically instead of relying on chips coming from overseas. Things are expected to return to normal some time in 2023, and we remain hopeful that that’s the case.

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How Volkswagen of Duluth Can Help

So, what can we do for you while we continue to face these delays? At Volkswagen of Duluth, our entire team has taken a positive approach to assisting our customers as they wait for in-transit vehicles and parts. You can now place a reservation for a new Volkswagen right here on our website in just a few clicks. Or if you need help, you can contact our sales team directly for personalized service. Can’t make up your mind on which vehicle to choose? Browse our extensive research section for detailed vehicle specs and features for all new models. Of course, if there’s anything else we can do, feel free to get in touch! The Volkswagen of Duluth team wants to thank our customers and help you in any way we can.