Volkswagen ID.Buzz European Model

Upcoming Volkswagen ID.Buzz Gets a Makeover from Prior Design

This year, Volkswagen is giving a modern twist to their classic VW van with the ID.Buzz! Since its first release in 1950, the van has paved the way for adventurers, families, businesses, and everyone in between with an iconic and easily recognizable design. For this new edition, the ID.Buzz pays homage to the original while going all-electric with a new look and modern features. Auto customization group Prior Design recently showed off their fine-tuned ID.Buzz in anticipation for its 2023 US release, and you can learn all about how they made the new release their own right here at Volkswagen of Duluth.

ID.Buzz: The Future of Volkswagen

The new ID.Buzz has a lot in common with its predecessor while bringing a lot  more to the table. Its battery and electric motor come together to offer an impressive combined 260-mile range. Currently available in Europe in both a passenger and cargo version, this modernized van also includes enhanced safety features and connectivity to give today’s drivers the features they want in a classic VW package. As production plans move to the US, different companies are releasing their own customized versions, but none have reached that of Prior Design.

The firm, based in Germany, made thoughtful design and performance enhancements to the ID.Buzz to make it one of their own while still highlighting the original style. Looking head-on, a front bumper spoiler, side sills, and thin grille brackets accent design features that are already there while adding a personalized touch. The white Rotiform wheels are apparent when viewed from the side, and a rear view shows off a roof spoiler and diffuser. In addition to what you can see easily, Prior Design also gave the van a lowered suspension for a subtle but noticeable difference during operation. Each addition works with the ID.4 instead of against it to show off what’s possible when compared to the original European version of the ID.4 at the top of the page.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz by Prior Design

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