Fluids and Filters Maintenance


Like the old Fram oil filter commercial tag said, “you can pay a little now, or a lot later.” Following the manufactures guidance on oil changes may seem overkill. However, regularly scheduled oil and oil filter changes, along with changing your air filter every 15,000-20,000 miles, are the difference between your engine lasting 70,000 miles, and 700,000 miles. And as the old adage states, you will get out of it, what you put into it. OEM recommended fluid and parts may cost a little more upfront, but will more than pay for themselves over the long term. We are just as happy to see customers who have owned their vehicles for 10, 15, 20 years, or longer with hundreds of thousands of miles on them, as we are with customers buying something new.



Crucial for regulating engine heat, coolant (also called antifreeze) can be checked via the radiator. It’s a good idea to check your car’s coolant at least twice a year—once in the winter and once in the summer. This check is included in your regularly scheduled maintenance.

Transmission Fluid

Your car’s transmission fluid has a very important job—keeping your transmission gears running smoothly so it can pull your car into motion. Both the fluid quality and level are crucial, though the level should stay consistent. Depending on your vehicle and transmission type, this fluid should be replenished about every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. This fluid check is included in your regularly scheduled maintenance for Volkswagen.

Brake Fluid

The main purpose of brake fluid is to keep your car, truck, or SUV brakes performing properly. So, if there is ever something “off” about your brakes, this is probably the first thing that will be checked. The brake fluid level and quality should be checked every time you get an oil change and replaced at least every 2 years. This is regularly checked in your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance.

Power Steering Fluid

If you enjoy smooth, easy steering, then be sure your power steering fluid is at an appropriate level. It doesn’t usually get low, however, so if you notice it drop quite a bit, there may be a bigger issue that can be addressed by our expert service technicians. Normal maintenance ensures this fluid is regularly checked so you can avoid dangerous steering issues.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

Though many claim wiper fluid is not as essential as the other five fluids, it is still crucial to make sure you have enough windshield wiper fluid because it is important that you are able to see through your windshield. You don’t want to get caught with a dirty windshield of mud or bugs or winter road grime, and no way to clean it off, so be sure to check your wiper fluid every few months and top it off as needed. Line of site is crucial in safe driving. Our certified technicians will make sure your washer fluid is appropriately filled at every visit.



Motor oil accumulates grit and grime while circulating through an engine, and oil filters remove this dirt to ensure an engine receives the lubrication it needs. Even if you put in clean oil, if the filter is dirty, you are running grime through your engine and building up engine sludge in your systems. This makes it so important that you regularly replace the oil filter to keep your engine running in the very best condition.


Dirty or damaged air filters reduce the airflow to the engine, changing your car’s air-fuel balance. This means a dirty air filter negatively impacts your fuel efficiency and causes you to pay more money at the pump. When you replace your air filters regularly, it will keep your system running more efficiently.


Because the cabin air filter is basically all that stands between the exterior air of the road and interior air of your car, it is imperative to your health and the health of your passengers to regularly change this filter. The cabin air filter blocks the smog and dirty exhaust let out by other vehicles on the road so that you can breathe easier and avoid costly medical bills and illness. The cabin air filter also makes your ride more enjoyable, blocking fumes and unpleasant smells that you might encounter in your drive.