Experience the Test Drive of the Future with Alexa-Equipped VW ID.4

Red 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 profile view

One of the most exciting parts of shopping for a new vehicle is the test drive. So how could it get any better? With the Alexa-Equipped Volkswagen ID.4, test drivers get an on-board interactive driving experience that responds to every command.


Real-Time Vehicle Information

The partnership between Amazon and Volkswagen marks a new era of innovation and interactive education about EVs. While many drivers have never experienced an all-electric vehicle for themselves, the goal of the test drive experience is to educate without intimidation. During the test drive available at select locations, drivers are encouraged to ask the built-in Echo device questions about the vehicle’s capability, battery level, and features. Want to know the current charge level? Simply ask Alexa. Curious about the massaging seats or an advanced driver assist feature? Simply ask, “Alexa, tell me more.”

The 30-minute test drive allows drivers to experience everything the ID.4 has to offer in a low-pressure environment. Start by signing up at www.amazon.com/id4testdrive, configure your ID.4, and get ready for a new experience. Your Volkswagen specialist will do a walk-through of the vehicle with you before embarking on your own adventure, accompanied by Alexa. Take your time to learn everything there is to know, ask all your questions, and discover the latest technology – all from ID.4’s comfortable and spacious interior.

VW ID.4 Interior with touchscreen dispaying Alexa test drive


About the ID.4

As Volkswagen’s first all-electric SUV, the ID.4 offers everything you’ve come to expect from a Volkswagen with all-new innovations, designs, and features. This IIHS Top Safety Pick+ offers a suite of standard safety features as well as advanced options. IQ.DRIVE includes semi-automated driving, adaptive cruise control, and more driver safety assist features to keep you safe and confident on the road. Don’t forget about the premium technology, either. With touchscreen navigation and remote access, there are more ways than ever to keep track of your EV.

Available trims include:

  • ID.4 Standard
  • ID.4 Pro
  • ID.4 AWD Pro
  • ID.4 S
  • ID.4 Pro S
  • ID.4 AWD Pro S
  • ID.4 Pro S Plus
  • ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus

We’re currently taking reservations for the ID.4 at Volkswagen of Duluth! Contact us today for more information and to reserve your all-new, all-electric SUV.